Author: Claire Favret

Claire Favret

Claire thought she wanted to be like Tina Fey, so she moved to Chicago. When she got here, she realized everyone had the same idea. Not a problem, because the comedy scene and Chicago, in general, is the best place to be anyway, outside of the ForeverWinter. Now Claire is an official Chicago Comedy Person (standup, improv, sketch, writing, BLAH BLAH). Why so official? UMMM, maybe because she has a little thing called a headshot, haters! She also is paid to be an administrative assistant and likes that fine. Claire likes unnecessary beauty products, when her room is clean, apps that help you track your finances, new restaurants, nearly empty bars, celebrity Instagrams, a good sauce and John Legend’s voice. Third wave intersectional ~bad~ feminist (shoutout Roxane Gay) attempting wokeness.