Image of typewriter and laptop next to each other for the CIMA campaign
Credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters via Unsplash

By now,  we hope — like, really hope — you’ve seen that the third annual Chicago Independent Media Alliance joint fundraiser is underway.

Thank you to everyone who’s already given!

From Oct. 3-17 of this year, 39 outlets have joined forces to raise money and awareness about the city’s diverse, robust and collaborative media ecosystem.

Contribute Now to CIMA

CIMA members publish in multiple languages, serve communities all over the city and speak directly to those “hard-to-reach” audiences the mainstream media keeps telling us doesn’t engage with the news.

For Rebellious Magazine for Women, CIMA has been nothing short of a lifesaver. Your gifts to the campaign the last two years ensured we could keep telling the feminist stories no one else is telling and reminding the world that the voices of women, nonbinary and LGTBTQ+ folks are vital, necessary and not going anydamnwhere.

The money we raised paid contributors in one of the most diverse newsrooms in Chicago, allowed us to shift to the beautiful platform we have today and helped us weather the immediate financial devastation of COVID in 2020.

Chicago Independent Media Alliance We Amplify Chicago Voices

We can’t thank you enough for your contributions. We couldn’t have stayed alive — and strong — without you.

If you haven’t given yet this year, you have three more days to make it happen. You can give to any one outlet or to all 39 of us. The full list of outlets is here. Gifts to individual outlets are matched, thanks to CIMA’s foundation partners.

CIMA saved us. You saved us.

Thank you from the top and bottom of our feminist hearts,
Team Rebellious

Shoutouts galore to the folks who are CIMA’s heart and soul: the wonderful and talented Yazmin Dominguez and Savannah Hugueley; as well as Tracy Baim and our founder Karen Hawkins, who helped bring CIMA into the world.

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Several of our fabulous Rebelles contributed to this piece.