30 makes me rebellious

This year, I’m rebelling against my 20s.

I turned 30 this last December. Most women dread it, I hear. Me? I was excited.

30 seems like such a milestone. Regardless of what they say, you can trust people over 30. Because they’re 30. 30 means its time to stop being flaky, self-conscious and constantly doubtful. 30 means independence.

This year, I’m committed to being who I want to be. I recently let go of a job that was holding me back, not only career-wise but psychologically. I’d come to depend on it – depend on the money, but also depend on the prominence of the organization. This year, I’m
going to stand on my own two feet, not hide behind the grownups.

I’ve started making changes in how I live my life. Praying more. Drinking more water. Reading more, wasting time less. Figuring out what exactly I want and pursuing it, but in a way that makes me happy, not just to impress other people or appear successful.

30 means motherhood. I have a one-year-old now, and he needs me to be a grownup. The kind of person who makes decisions about what’s best for her family and sticks to them, even when it makes other people uncomfortable. The kind of mom who’s self-aware enough to know when something’s not working and confident enough in herself to change it. A mother who knows it’s never a waste to spend 15 minutes just cuddling, instead of doing the dishes or making a phone call.

30 means sexy. Instead of feeling self conscious about my appearance or worrying about my flaws, I’m taking strides to become confident in my own skin. Our stylist at Rebellious, Mark Bazant, is helping me figure out a look that’s entirely me – soft, sophisticated and professional. I want this look to help me reflect on the outside how I feel on the inside, and translate that into what I want in my personal and professional life.

30 means rebellious. 30 means I’m done with my 20s, and praise the Lord, hallelujah, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I’ve made it. I am who I want to be, and that’s rebellious.

Photo credit: Johannes Wredenmark on Unsplash

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