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Let’s hit pause on Solar Power and Sour for a bit while we introduce you to your new Spotify obsession – Rebellious Magazine playlists. Make sure to follow Rebellious Magazine, @rebelliousmagazine

The first playlist, “all rebels are welcome“, features pop and punk feminist power anthems. Rebels, our fearless and dedicated Rebellious readers, can get a preview of what the channel will include below.

We all know nothing is black and white, especially the spectrum of gender. Rebellious celebrates our favorite non-binary and genderqueer artists in the “binary is bullshit” playlist. For over two hours rock out to the sounds of Addison Grace, Tunde Olaniran, Shamir and other artists breaking gender norms.

Keep tabs on us for future playlists, empowered break-up jams, “dump them”, and the perfect blend of witchcraft and feminism to inspire your spooky October mood, “we’ll never burn.” Email calendar@rebelliousmagazine.com with any song or playlist suggestions.

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Sam Stroozas is the sexual health and reproductive justice fellow for Rebellious Magazine and a freelance journalist based in Chicago covering gender and social justice issues. Follow her on Twitter @samstroozas.