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I’m Black every month

We’re more than halfway through Black History Month, and this is the first mention of it that you’ll find in thishere magazine.   Historian Carter G. Woodson designated the second week in February — the birth week of both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass — as Negro History Week in 1926. Woodson reportedly said he […]

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Kayla Sargeson’s ‘Hellwave’

Dealing with the aftermath of trauma—emotional or physical—can shape a person forever. In Kayla Sargeson’s poem “Hellwave” the speaker—whose body has been previously traumatized, “cracked open like glass”—rebels against that pain by inflicting more pain upon her body, but on her own terms. By riding the hellwave, she wants to eliminate the space that’s been […]

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The poop look

I remember hanging out with Liz and Ida when Ida was probably around 9 months old. She was sitting on a blanket on the floor, playing with some toys when she stopped and tilted her head to the side.  She looked as if she was considering something, like perhaps it had just occurred to her […]