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Trend alert: Singing in public

I’ve never been much of a trendsetter. Okay, in the tenth grade, I bought a pair of these awesome pedal pushers from that store Wet Seal, and that was way before capri pants were a thing in my tiny middle-of-nowhere high school. But that’s maybe it. I would never make it as a “cool hunter.” […]

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The unlikely attachment parent

I remember my infant psych class in college, part of my childhood development minor. One of the techniques our professor taught us about was using “extinction” to get a baby to stop crying during the night – more commonly known as “cry it out.” I remember her saying that the technique worked well, but only […]

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A (Chicago) Force to be Reckoned With

This Saturday, June 30, 2012, the Chicago Force Women’s Tackle Football team enters the playoffs with an 8-0 record and an average of 53.1 points per game. The team has dominated its opponents in every game – beating two teams by more than 70 points – and never allowed more than two touchdowns in a […]