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In the spirit of a recent Pluck column, here’s a transcript of how conversations about my new job have been going: Friend: Hey, how’s your new job? Me: Awesome! Friend: I can’t imagine doing all of that travel! Where have you been? Me: My first week was in Dallas for training. Friend: Uh-huh. Me: Then […]

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Raising my rebellious girl

My daughter Ida is, well … how should I say this? My daughter is assertive. She’s got a lot of words for her age and usually has no problem expressing herself. If she wants that sandwich you’re eating, doesn’t want to share her ball or if she isn’t in the mood for a hug or kiss, you’ll […]

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Piercing a Baby

Dear Vered, My husband has started to insist, as though there were never any question, that we’ll be piercing our newborn baby girl’s ears shortly after her birth. Apparently, his culture does this and it’s considered normal. It’s not my culture, and something about this rubs me the wrong way, but I’m having a hard […]

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Toddler Transcript

Some moments in parenting are so perfectly hilarious that they really deserve an audience.  At the very least, a transcript of events should be made available for those interested parties.   In this vein, I present the following interaction between my beloved two-year-old and myself from recent events: The scene opens with Mother sautéing vegetables (fine, bacon) […]

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Crappy Mother’s Day, xo Time Magazine

Are You Mom Enough?  Are you kidding me?  Excuse me, what I meant to say is ARE YOU F*&#ING KIDDING ME!? You’re, like, profoundly bad at giving presents, Time.   This just really sums it up, doesn’t it?  The way the mainstream media talks about motherhood?  Imaginary so-called “Mommy Wars” designed to turn valid personal choices into fake […]

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Missing/in Progress

I read this great piece over at Ask Moxie today, and deeply identified with it. I am so grateful to be experiencing progress right now – a realization that after a preceding 2+ year stretch of stagnation always brings a smile to my face.   One of the things that shocked me after my daughter was born was a sense […]

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Mama Multiple Personality Syndrome

This week, I had a dream that woke me up in a cold-sweat.  I was in our apartment, when a rattling wind swept down the hall. It set into motion two identical baby swings that sat nearby, the seats rocking to and fro by themselves. Then, the two televisions that dreamily appeared in my living […]