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The PERFECT! holiday

Warmest holiday wishes! Now unclench your butt crack, because obviously we here at Pluck exclaim a resounding, “fuck that noise!” to the idea of “PERFECT!” I mean no disrespect to plain old “perfect” you understand, it’s just that its cultural doppelganger “PERFECT!” is a real jackhole. Especially during the holidays.  “perfect” occurs all the time. […]

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Nanny pay is a feminist issue

It’s easy to spend money on your kid, isn’t it?  Judging by the fact that Gucci makes a baby carrier and there’s a market for a crystal-studded potty seat, it’s clear that people like spending money on their little ones. I can’t say I’m immune; although most of Teddy’s duds come from the thrift store, I regularly moon […]

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Weight at the Holidays

Dear Vered, Every year at holiday gatherings with family, my uncle has made comments about my weight. I’ve always been a little chubby, but I’m active, my doctor says I’m healthy, and there’s really not a problem. I’ve had a tough year — I lost my job and my cat just died — and really […]