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The poop look

I remember hanging out with Liz and Ida when Ida was probably around 9 months old. She was sitting on a blanket on the floor, playing with some toys when she stopped and tilted her head to the side.  She looked as if she was considering something, like perhaps it had just occurred to her […]

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For the love of belly buttons

After he’s done nursing, my son likes to lay his head down my belly, his little ear pressed against my belly button. Sometimes, he closes his eyes. Mostly, he just stares off into space, cuddling with his mama.  I used to be self conscious of my stomach. I can’t remember if it was ever flat, […]

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Accentuate the Negative

I recently had a revelation about how much of my personal life I spend looking for what’s wrong. Nothing is ever “perfect,” whatever perfect means to you (this is how Pluck columnist Liz Joynt Sandberg defined the nuances of perfection), and there’s inevitably going to be something “wrong,” whatever wrong means to you, with everything. […]

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Cooking for One

Dear Vered, I live alone, and I just looked over my bank statements for last year. I spend waaaaay too much on eating out. As in, I spend more on eating out in a week than I do in groceries for the rest of the month. I’d like to swap that ratio, and possibly even […]

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Being the one

Well, how did your “perfect” holiday go? Mine was, with one notable exception (i.e. recognition of a sweeping, systemic, seemingly-unsolvable maternal/womanly hardship) pretty successfully perfect.  We all got sick, but just kind-of embraced it. Our plan was to mostly spend the two weeks in sweatpants relaxing at home anyway, so what’s a little extra snot […]

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Gifts From the Boss

Dear Vered, I came back from vacation over Christmas and New Year’s to find a substantial holiday gift on my chair from my boss that must have cost over $100. It’s really nice, but I didn’t get her anything. Should I have? Do I need to run out and get her something comparable? If I […]