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My big-ass stroller

Those who like to complain about children in public also love to loathe strollers. Liz encountered one of these people on the train a few weeks back, a lady who was not embarrassed to tell her just why her stroller was such a terrible imposition on her and everyone else on the CTA.  But it’s […]

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Don’t I know you from somewhere?

Let me start off by saying that I totally get it. Before my daughter was born, I admit that I thought people with their gigantic strollers on the train/bus were clueless and entitled. I mean, they’re the ones who chose to have the kids right? So why is my shin sporting a bruise for the cause?! Don’t these people understand […]

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I’m the Noisy Neighbor

Dear Vered, I’ve lived above an empty foreclosed condo for about a year, but last month new buyers moved in, and I’ve already gotten two notes under my door telling me that I’m too loud. It’s a huge building and neighbors tend to keep to themselves here. I haven’t met the new owners yet (though […]

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Rant cream, part deux

Full-on rage. That’s what I felt this morning when I read, “I don’t want to see your boobs: Military Moms Breastfeeding or Super Models on Time,” from ChicagoNow blogger kirby on Cheaper than Therapy.  If you haven’t read my partner-in-crime’s original post on the military moms breastfeeding hullabaloo, you should start there.  Kirby’s post basically details her revulsion […]