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My TV, My Toddler

As I type this, my 2 year old daughter is enjoying her daily TV time.  Well, not tv exactly, but a DVD – one of around 20 selections we stock here at the Joynt Sandberg abode.  Today’s selection is Ratatouille.  We’ve got an extensive collection of Charlie Brown’s various holiday adventures, The Muppet Show, and […]

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Pigpen’s Girlfriend

Dear Vered, How do I tell my loving boyfriend that I hate his apartment? He’s a great guy in so many ways — if a little rough around the edges — but his place is disgusting. It isn’t just the milk crates for furniture, it’s filthy. The one time I slept over, I didn’t even […]

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At first I couldn’t say exactly what it was… but something bugged me when I read this. Was it that the author wrote, “hear this well, parents” as though we were otherwise prone to sudden and uncontrollable illiteracy?  Was it the way she slyly emphasized her superior perspective on another parent/child relationship when she wrote, “It took me less […]

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From Lois Lane to Elle Woods

Greetings from the Lonestar State! I saw my first-ever longhorn steer this morning across the street from my hotel. Oh, Texas. After being hazed by O’Hare with a 4-hour flight delay on the way here, I got in at 2 a.m. Monday. Despite the sleep deprivation, things went relatively well until sometime about 11 a.m., when my new […]