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Review: Whether on Screen or on The Met’s Red Carpet, ‘House of Gucci’ is All Over the Place

Life imitates art. The proof is in the Gucci tuxedo Jared Leto wore to The Met Gala earlier this month. Although his vintage-looking ensemble didn’t meet the 2022 Gilded Glamor theme, its tacky playfulness was amusing nonetheless. The same can be said for Leto’s over-the-top (and Razzie-winning) turn as Paolo Gucci in Ridley Scott’s streaming […]

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Review: ‘Bridgerton’ Bridges the Gap Between Facts and Fantasy

Bridgerton (2021-2022) is a slickly-produced costume dramedy that boasts great estates, a dandy score and characters who use words like “countenance,” “vexed” and “conjugal endeavors” in a politically correct England. While bringing Julia Quinn’s Regency-era romance novels to the small screen, creator Chris Van Dusen and producer Shonda Rhimes opted for an integrated cast. Although […]

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New York-Based Organization Fights Period Poverty Nationwide

Period poverty – the lack of access to period products, period education and hygiene facilities – has always been a rampant but under-discussed topic. Across the country, menstruators are taking the power back into their own hands to empower the next generation of young menstruators.  In New York, 21-year-old Carrington Baker launched a national organization […]

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Review: Brush Up Your Shakespeare with ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ & ‘West Side Story’

Despite debates about dumping William Shakespeare from classrooms, April 26th marks the Bard’s 458th birthday. But anyone thinking of canceling the writer’s words should be prepared to stop using his phrases, which include “break the ice,” “all that glitters isn’t gold,” “clothes make the man,” “wear my heart upon my sleeve,” “in my heart of […]