I love lists. The end of the year is my favorite time to look at the “best of” the past 365 days. Lists and lists of who sung it best, who wrote it best, who acted best. Of course, I am more concerned with the musical aspect and have assembled a Top Five for you…yes, Happy Holidays and see if you can get Santa to bring you any of these albums.  

If you’ve sensed a theme from my previous reviews, you know that Rebellious is interested in what the ladies put out there…while the guys can play some of the instruments or help write the songs, we are more concerned with the efforts of the femme persuasion.  While I might have chosen a few boy-fronted bands (!shock!) to populate the list, the ladies here would have still taken some top spots; in fact, my number one pick for Album of Year would not have changed. Best of luck in the new year, everyone, and, if you feel like sharing your top albums of 2012, give us a shout!

5. Metric—Synthetica (Mom & Pop Records). June 12. I reviewed it in June and have loved it ever since.

4. Kelly Hogan—I Like to Keep Myself in Pain (Anti Records). June 5.
An underappreciated singer/songwriter.  No longer playing second banana to Neko Case.  

3. Purity Ring—Shrines (4AD). July 24.
Lilting and whimisical.  May be a little medicore in some people’s books, but an achievement in mine.

2. Beach House—Bloom (Bella Union). May 5.
Bliss-inducing dream pop. 

1. Grimes—Visions (4AD) Feb. 21.
Released early in 2012, “Visions” kept the top spot for music all-year round. Each listen seemed to bring something new to the table:  sadness, apathy, happiness, dance fever.  Haunting sounds and great beats. Like living in a David Lynch movie.

Amanda Motyka

Amanda Motyka is a housing provider by day and an undercover rebel writer at night. She likes spending the weekends with her man, her dog and a cold one.