Chicago Feminist Resource Guide Cover by Samantha Bailey

For Chicago feminist folx, it’s never been easier to find women’s rights organizations, and businesses of all stripes that are feminist-owned or -friendly.

Chicago feminists are running bookstores, sex toy shops, health centers, comedy shows, film festivals, and, yes, even lady arm wrestling.

This Chicago Feminist Resource Guide isn’t intended as an exhaustive list of every woman-run organization or woman-owned business (We’ve done a fair share of features, though!). This is more of a virtual feminist community center, a gathering place for those of us looking to support and be supported by specifically feminist-identified endeavors.

Because, real talk: Not every women’s organization is feminist. Even if women’s empowerment is their name or mission, even if they espouse explicitly feminist ideals, feminism itself is not their jam. Not everyone feels comfortable (yet) embracing this fiercest of f-words, and as a feminist publication, we want to center the ones who do. Our Chief Rebelle, Karen Hawkins, has a column about what she calls “Hollywood Feminism” that gets at this same issue.

How We Put the Guide Together
This guide is a work-in-progress list of businesses, groups and organizations with:

  • Feminist in their name
  • Feminist ideals in their mission
  • Founders, owners, operators, directors, etc., we know to be feminist
  • Folks we like.

Selected coverage of the organizations, businesses, and movements highlighted:

We hope you enjoy perusing this guide, and if there are groups, businesses or folks you think should be listed, email us at info(at)

Happy Feministing!

Photo of Cloud Gate courtesy of Samantha Bailey