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With spring weather here, many of us are getting pedicures. Nail fungus is something that scares me, and I have taken steps to make sure that I stay fungus free. I had the pleasure of asking Dr. Anna Garbula and Dr. Stacey Oaks from Michigan Avenue Podiatry and Salon Sole Medi Spa questions on how to try to keep healthy and clean when getting pedicures.

What are precautions that an individual can take when getting a pedicure?

  • Ensure that the technician does not perform procedures that they are not trained for, such as cutting or digging nail out of the sides of the toenail for ingrown nails and that they are cutting the nails straight across. Watch for how the instruments are handled and cleaned. Also, it is recommended not to shave your legs just prior to a pedicure to ensure they have no fresh cuts or nicks that could be a portal for potential bacteria to enter and cause infection. And always let the technician know if something feels uncomfortable or painful as they are working, and don’t be afraid to ask them to stop.
  • Making sure the instruments are sterilized either in a solution or a new pack is opened in front of the client. You can also ask the technician about their sterilization techniques.
What should one look for when choosing a salon for a pedicure or medicure?
Inspect the salon for overall cleanliness and how the working areas are cleaned in between clients. Instruments should not be used or shared between clients and should be properly sterilized. Technicians should not use razors or blades on clients’ feet. Calluses should only be pumiced.
Is nail fungus contracted when the nail technician cuts your skin?
Yes it potentially can, but if skin is cut, not only fungus but bacteria can enter and cause a bacterial infection, which may be more concerning and dangerous. Nail fungus can be contracted via the tools used on and around the nails without actually breaking the skin itself. We generally advise that technicians do not cut the cuticle but rather just push it back, as the cuticle serves as a barrier to protect the area where the nail grows from fungus or bacteria.
Tell me more about Salon Sole and the measures you take to make sure that the pedicure is safe and clean.
  • Foot bath liners and nail files are always replaced after each service, and instruments are sterilized. 
  • Each client has a one-on-one session with the nail technician, and services are between 30 minutes for a manicure up to one hour for a pedicure.
How much are the manicures and pedicures?
  • Manicures: $15-$40
  • Pedicures: $30-$45
  • We also offer paraffin wax bath, hot stone foot massage, eye brow waxing, and more.
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