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…You. The real you. All of you.

Author Lindy West was recently on “This American Life” describing the idea of coming out as fat, and I was riveted. 

“I always felt like if I didn’t mention it that maybe people wouldn’t notice. Or it could just be this sort of polite secret, like, open secret that we didn’t address, because it felt so shameful. It just felt impolite to talk about, like me not wanting to burden you with my failure.

“The way that we are taught to think about fatness is that fat is not a permanent state. You’re just a thin person who’s failing consistently for your whole life.”

There’s more, of course, and I highly recommend listening to (most of) the episode, “Tell Me I’m Fat,” which was inspired by Lindy’s book, “Shrill.” And also features a breathtaking Q&A with the fantastic Roxane Gay.

Just in time for Pride Month, it got me thinking about coming out and the ways in which all of us – not just us fabulous GLBTQs – have parts of ourselves that we hide, don’t acknowledge, don’t speak of or flat-out deny. What does it mean to come out as Christian? As gender non-binary? As body positive? As into kink?

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