Sweat Cosmetics

Wearing makeup while working out can be a disaster waiting to happen, but not with Sweat Cosmetics. Five female soccer pros came together to create the first athletically proven line.

The Sweat line features 4 “Sweat sticks” that come in five shades of mineral powder foundation, translucent powder, “Glow Hard” bronzer and “Gleam On” illuminator. The powders won’t clog pores and won’t run into your eyes or down your face when you work out.

Items range from 40 minutes to 80 minutes of SPF protection, so they’re ideal for activities in the sun.  These products are free of oils and parabens. 

Prices vary, https://sweatcosmetics.com

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Eva Marie

Eva Marie is a daughter of a hair stylist who from an early age was obsessed with fashion, colors and rubbing sample parfume scents from magazines all over her body. She is on the hunt to find the best...

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