March For Our Lives Chicago

Events are being held across the Chicago area this Saturday to coincide with the national March For Our Lives in Washington, D.C., a student-led movement on ending gun violence. Organizers say more than 830 events are planned in every state and around the world.

In Chicago, organizers are estimating up to 30,000 people will participate in the march and rally.

“For too long, our government has fed us the narrative that you don’t matter because of the color of your skin and the amount of money in your bank account,” said Sabrina Bitre, a senior at Hoffman Estates High School and one of the march organizers, at a City Hall news conference.

And she had a message for legislators who have counted her and other young people out: “I would be very scared,” Bitre said. “We are here and we are not going anywhere and we are coming for you.”

Details for the official March For Our Lives Chicago event:
11 a.m.
Saturday, March 24
Union Park
1501 W. Randolph St.

As of presstime, organizers hadn’t yet released route details, but you can find frequent updates on the March For Our Lives Chicago Facebook page. They’re still looking for volunteers to serve as marshals, and anyone interested can click here for details.

Transportation details:

Click here for details on other Chicago-area events being held in Downers Grove,Schaumburg and Northwest Indiana.

Full statement from March For Our Lives Chicago organizers:

The March for Our Lives movement has been a long time coming, and is the product of a nation that values objects more than human lives. The voices for the March for Our Lives are those of the generation that grew up with mass shootings.This is the sound of millions of voices across the country pleading for change- we say enough. End the violence. There has been more than enough blood, tears, and bullets- one school shooting is a school shooting too many. However, we cannot ignore the gun violence that people in the low income communities of Chicago witness in the streets, in their homes and in their classes every day. Most if not all of these tragedies are preventable. March for Our Lives Chicago holds the culprits of this plague of preventable gun violence accountable. We hold the NRA, the politicians that support them, and the arms manufacturers and dealers accountable. We also hold Illinois’ neighboring states accountable for having lax gun laws that lead to guns being brought into Illinois. Throughout this movement the voices of black and brown people have been widely ignored. With Chicago’s status as the seventh most racially diverse city in the nation, it is imperative we put a focus on intersectionality and raise these voices up. March for Our Lives Chicago includes the experiences of people of color, women, and LGBT individuals in our fight to make the streets safe for children again. In 2017, 3456 Chicago citizens were victims to gun violence. We cannot have one more.”

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