Ahh, summer in Chicago. One of the best times of year to be in Chicago — and to get out of Chicago.

For this month’s travel theme, we talk to two agents who dish on some of the most popular destinations for their custom clients and offer advice for women wanderers setting out alone. We’ve also got 10 tips for turning your routine family vacation into a feminist act.

We introduce you to Rebelle of the Month Eva Niewiadomski, the creative force behind Catalyst Ranch, your new favorite event space. You’ll meet women of the Green City Market via a photo slideshow and get tips on the best ways to dress for success…on a bike.

You’ll also get to hear about how well comedian Larry the Cable Guy responded to some criticism of his home state of Nebraska.

However you mark the first days of summer, we hope you’ll spend a little time with us.

In Rebellion,

Karen Hawkins is the Founder and Rebelle in Chief of Rebellious Magazine. She is a recovering mainstream media reporter and editor who wants to thank her former boss for naming the online magazine she's...

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