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As our Founder & Chief Rebelle Karen Hawkins so eloquently puts it in the video above: Rebellion, much like freedom, isn’t free.

For all of the content you enjoy at, a fantastic freelancer has been paid. In fact, Rebellious Magazine for Women, a small, scrappy startup being bootstrapped by a mouthy black lesbian feminist (see above) pays more than some of the largest mainstream media outlets in the country, some of which don’t pay anything for their online content. (Real talk: Some feminist and woman-focused sites don’t pay either.)

We don’t charge readers for our content, and we raise the money we need for freelance pay and operating expenses through a mixture of memberships, advertising, merchandise, events and sponsorships.

We celebrated our anniversary on March 8, 2018, and as we enter another year of kickin’ ass, sustainability is what we’re all about. And we’re counting on your help.

We’ve got an account on a crowdfunding site called Patreon that helps independent creators and publishers like us gather contributions from generous patrons like you. At last count, we were receiving $33 a month from three fabulous folks.

By March 31, our goal is to make that $100 a month. Can you help us get there? You can contribute as little as $1 a month and as much as $100. For businesses, we’ve just rolled out a $50-a-month option that includes monthly Sidekick advertising valued at up to $300 a month. <–Best. Deal. Ever.

Rebellious Magazine Membership benefits include:

  • A swanky branded tote bag (take that city of Chicago bag tax!)
  • Discounts on our events
  • The satisfaction of stickin’ it to the Big Media Man

If you’re reading this site and have made it this far in this message, we probably don’t need to tell you how important independent feminist media voices are, now more than ever. We are a site run by women for women, and we’re in it until the world doesn’t need us anymore. (Read: FOREVER.)

With your help, we’ll make it happen.

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(Video credit: Jessie Mansbacher Kibbe)

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Several of our fabulous Rebelles contributed to this piece.