Goods & Heroes

Suzanna Bierswirth is the owner and curator of a great gem of a boutique in Three Oaks, Mich., called Goods & Heroes. I stumbled upon the shop on a recent visit and fell for her curatorial eye. If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself exploring all the precious items that she has on display.

I got to chat with Suzanna about how her art and design background informs her curating process as well as some of her favorite artists and products.

Suzanna, why did you pick Three Oaks to open your store?

I have visited this region for the past 20 years and always loved Three Oaks. It’s a true village feel, people know each other, and we have a great cultural scene, theaters, movie places, the [Journeyman] distillery. I bought the building with the storefront last spring. The previous year we had bought a little house with two acres on the outskirts of Three Oaks. That’s where I garden.

You have an art and design background – how does that influence your store?

I am creative 24/7. I have always worked full time in the creative industry and then done creative adventures on the side. Started a stationary and design brand, designed magazines, created our own line of candles, designed homes, interiors, jewelry…

After being in advertising and marketing in Chicago for the past 20 years, I just took a new position as the CCO of The Mars Agency in Detroit. That’s what I will be doing for the coming years, splitting my time between Detroit and Three Oaks. I went to school for photography and design in Germany, came to the U.S. on a scholarship and never looked back. 

Your store is a design piece. When you walk in, you find yourself surrounded by one-of-a-kind products – tell us where you find these gems and tell us some of the favorite brands and products for summer.

I find artists through friends and visitors, at fairs like Renegade, or shows like the NYNOW show, in museum stores and when I travel and simply by one artist referring the next. Many artists approach me directly.

I love everything I sell and admire all the artists and makers I carry.

The candles I created are one of our best sellers. I have a skincare line I adore: Little Seed Farm in Kentucky, but also Fable Soap Co. in California. I have jewelry from so many different artists. One I have carried for a long time and remains one of my favorites are the pieces from Olivia De Soria in South Carolina.

An artist I just found is Alex Ozers, his brand is called From The Reliquary, he is in Phoenix.  Nice juxtaposition of tribal and industrial. The terrariums are awesome, made in Detroit by two guys, their company is called LeadHead Glass. I curate a nice collection of affordable but original wall art.

What do you want clients to feel when they enter your store?

People should feel welcome and intrigued. I create an ever-changing collection of things – I want my customers to always find something new. Shopping should be an adventure.

You can find Goods & Heroes online at or at 24 N. Elm St., Three Oaks, Mich.

Eva Marie is a daughter of a hair stylist who from an early age was obsessed with fashion, colors and rubbing sample parfume scents from magazines all over her body. She is on the hunt to find the best...