Inger Ellen & Christinah of Eleni & Chris

The Scandinavian mother-daughter team behind Eleni & Chris has created beauty products for the world to try their unique, locally sourced secret ingredients.

The hydrating face mist is my favorite for a refresh here and there, especially living in a roller-coaster weather city like Chicago.

Eleni & Chris was born three years ago when Inger Ellen and her daughter Christinah decided to create products using cloudberries, a much sought-after ingredient that Scandis call the “Scandinavian Gold.” According to the company, cloudberry seed oil contains vitamins A, B, and E, calcium and magnesium, as well as four times more vitamin C than an entire orange. Two other Scandinavian ingredients, SEA3oil and Scandinavian Glacier Water, are patented and exclusive to their product lines.

Eleni and Chris say they’re “on a mission to bring the beauty and inspiration of Scandinavia to you, by creating beauty from purity.”

I can attest that their cleansers will leave your skin hydrated, and I’m crediting the magical combination of cloudberries and Sea3oil. Co-founder Christinah Nicolaisen recommends using the face mist daily, and she says that it won’t ruin your make-up, so it’s up to you about when you apply it – before or after your make-up routine. I spent about a week reapplying the mist to my face because I loved it so much, and, as promised, it didn’t smudge anything.


Eva Marie is a daughter of a hair stylist who from an early age was obsessed with fashion, colors and rubbing sample parfume scents from magazines all over her body. She is on the hunt to find the best...