hello my name is

I was born Jessie Mary Ray, named for my father.

I married and became Jessie Mary Hawkins. Went to work, and my new employer renamed me Jessie Ray Hawkins. I divorced and remarried, becoming Jessie Cunningham. After explaining that I was the mother of the Hawkins children at school one time too many, I became Jessie Hawkins Cunningham. I divorced Cunningham, had the option to change my name back to Ray for free as part of the divorce.

The thought of having to change my drivers license, social security card, pension, credit cards, etc. made me dizzy, And Cunningham wanted me to give up his name. That was the last straw —  hell, no I will not go through all that trouble until I damn well please.

 So as my daughter Karen calls me, I am Jessie Mary Ray Hawkins Cunningham. And I want all of it on my tombstone!