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Equinox Lincoln Park, nestled across the street from the Green City Market, is one of my favorite gyms. There is no excuse not to be healthy with a membership when you have nutritious food so close by to pick up on a Saturday morning.

As I approach 40, I’ve noticed that parts of my body aren’t as perky as they used to be, and I need a workout to help them stay cheerful. Equinox’s Julie Valenti, director of regional group fitness, has answered my perkiness prayers as her team developed a new class that keeps butts lifted up.

Tell me the goals of this class – will it help keep our butts perky?

The goal of Best Butt Ever is to strengthen, shape and lift the butt! This three-part workout integrates head-to-toe core exercises to trim the waistline and power-based lower body exercises that fire up the glutes and build definition and strength.

Do the routines change due to the class instructors or is the routine pretty standard?

The routine always consists of three segments – Get Active, Get Strong and Get Powerful. These segments guarantee glute activation, loaded total body exercises and plyometric power work. With an extensive library of movement patterns and exercises, no two classes will look exactly the same. 

Some of the exercises I can incorporate into my weekly routine – how often should I be taking this class? Can I skip a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class and take this instead?

One to two classes of Best Butt Ever compliment any workout routine. This class can definitely replace a HIIT class. Best Butt Ever incorporates strength training and cardio, with movements that range in intensity from moderate to hard to anaerobic. This is a sweaty and effective way to rev your metabolism and shape and strengthen your body!

For more information, visit https://www.equinox.com/

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