Rebel Street Style Kudzaishe and La-Dreauna

I asked these ladies what sprang to mind when I said the word “fashion,” and Kudzaishe’s awesome response? “Ista.” As in, “fashion-ista.” Epic.

La-Dreauna on what fashion means to her: “Fashion is a way to express yourself.”

Why I love: La-Dreauna and Kudzaishe complement each other perfectly. La-Dreauna is all femininity – black lace dress, tights, tall boots and some serious earrings – which contrasts with Kudzaishe’s more boyish (though still distinctly feminine) look: sheer white button-down tucked into slacks, topped off with Oxfords and a woven bag, all in very subdued tones. By themselves the outfits are awesome, but together they’re perfect.

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