Nurr Cosmetics 5 piece set

Nurr means “light” in Arabic, and it’s the fitting name of a new Chicago-based cosmetics company that lit up my face. The high-quality products were gentle and nurturing and gave me a glow. Nurr also means “pomegranate” in Armenian, and both are the inspiration behind Nurr Cosmetics, a company that believes the light inside of every woman may shine bright and radiant.

I had the opportunity to speak with Nurr co-founder Mehrunisia (Mehr) Qayyum about the healing power of pomegranate and “POMpering.”

Tell me about the idea of Nurr Cosmetics and when the company was founded.

Nurr Cosmetics was founded and incorporated in 2017. However, the concept of Nurr, which means pomegranate in Armenian, was conceptualized by me in 2016 because I had observed how pomegranates symbolized health, healing, femininity and fertility in Middle Eastern cultures and other Mediterranean mythologies for thousands of years. 

In particular, the stories of Scherazade and Persephone refer to the luxurious and powerful essence of the pomegranate. Pomegranates are high in anti-oxidants, which help address sun damage and the related adverse effects of fine lines.

Furthermore, other ancient cultures had applied the pomegranate topically to help rejuvenate the face. When I noticed the pattern of venerating the pomegranate carried into Armenian folklore, “Three pomegranates fell from heaven: one for the storyteller, one for the listener, and one for the world,” I proposed the concept of pomegranate for its healthy, multi-cultural and rich history to my senior partner, Rehana Akhtar, who also felt that the concept embodied the luxurious quality and feel of the formulae. 

Tell us about the inspiration behind the packaging.

We remembered the Armenian proverb, mentioned above, and visualized three pomegranates falling from a heavenly tree. Rounder shapes and pomegranate red reflected the energy behind the fruit. The jars represent a trio—like the proverb—but also represent the three-step night routine: cleanse, rejuvenate and moisturize.  We selected gold to represent the warm, traditional and luxurious feel and look that the color evokes. Turkish textiles inspired our designing of the pomegranate textile pattern surrounding our Golden Pomegranate line items. 

I love the way the mask feels on my skin – what skin types should use the mask?

We are so pleased that you “POMpered Yourself” with our Anti-Aging Repair mask! (We say “Pomper Yourself” because we think using the luxurious fruit, pomegranate, is a way to treat yourself.) The gel mask is ideal for anyone who is taking steps towards mitigating signs of aging, like fine lines.

We strongly recommend this product to any woman who has spent time in the sun and has normal to dry skin.  Women with sensitive skin, like me, should first try a patch on the inside of the wrist for 10 minutes before applying to the face to ensure that the jasmine flowers compliment the cooling effect of the pomegranate seed oil. There is a misconception that women who have darker skin, or have more melanin, do not need to worry about sun damage to the skin. Therefore, we feel that this particular product covers a variety of multi-cultural experiences that could benefit, namely, to help protect the face from sun damage.  It should be used indoors—not like a clay mask that can be worn outside sitting by the pool.

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