Syd performs at Thalia Hall in Chicago on June 8, 2022.
Syd performs at Thalia Hall in Chicago on June 8, 2022.

With a tour dubbed the Broken Hearts Club Tour – referencing the 2022 critically-acclaimed album of the same name – one may expect a teary-eyed, somber affair. No way – not when Syd is serving as the master of ceremonies.

During her June 8 sold-out show at Thalia Hall in Chicago, Syd radiated love, joy, and happiness as she told the tale of “the worst broken heart” she ever experienced. “Insecurities,” Special Affair” – during which Syd raised a glass to toast Chicago – and “Tie the Knot” began the concert with a bang. The Internet band member and Odd Future alum went on to explain her intentions to start at the beginning of her lost love story before singing “You’re the One.”

For a show focused on heartbreak, there was an exceptional amount of love in the air. Every time Syd took a moment to address the crowd the decibel level of the cheers increased exponentially.

Syd performs at Thalia Hall in Chicago on June 8, 2022.

“I love you,” Syd said over and over throughout the night, at one point noticing that there were a lot of men in the Thalia Hall audience. “I’m glad you came and I appreciate you all so much, but most of my songs are for the ladies,” she said with a flirtatious giggle that was met by even louder screams.

Syd’s sweet and breezy vocals on “Fast Car” wonderfully complimented the romantic road trip unfolding in the lyrics as her talented keyboard player ripped a riff in the tone of Daft Punk’s “Digital Love.” “Right Track” – with its irresistible melody that sounded pitch perfect when sung by a sold-out crowd – had the entire venue moving while “Got Her Own” was the ideal “anthem for the independent days.”

“No Looking Back” and “Control” were among the most seductive songs of the night as Syd’s silky vocals drew fans deep into her orbit. With the stage bathed in red light, “Smile More” transported everyone to an intimate jazz club where Syd built upon every shade of the music which was highlighted by a killer bass-line.

“CYBAH” and “Girl” were further standouts of the incredible setlist.

Syd performs at Thalia Hall in Chicago on June 8, 2022.

“Thank you Chicago because I would definitely not be here if it weren’t for you,” Syd said recalling the difficulties of not being able to perform when the pandemic halted touring.

The feeling was more than mutual as fans showed their appreciation for Syd’s music – and her uplifting vibe – throughout the night.

The Beatles and Sgt. Pepper can keep their Lonely Hearts Club. Syd’s Broken Hearts Club is clearly where the party’s at.

Check out photos from Syd’s Chicago stop featuring Destin Conrad – who, at the beginning of the evening, set a sultry tone with songs from his debut EP COLORWAY and more – below and click here to pick-up tickets to upcoming stops on the Broken Hearts Club Tour. More information can be found at

(Photos by Laurie Fanelli)

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