P!nk Pink one of most read stories of 2017

We don’t play favorites here at Rebellious Magazine, and we love every single one of the stories, essays, interviews and reviews we publish. You are all special and close to our hearts.

You know who isn’t so down with this spirit of universal love and un-data-driven acceptance? Google Analytics, which insists on tallying up which of our beloved stories are racking up the most traffic. Damn you, data.

Briefly casting aside our no-favorites rule and embracing our love for lists, listicles and the like, we bring you our top 10 stories of 2017. Some are oldies from our archives, some shiny and new reflecting our unrivaled music, arts and business coverage, some are our most eloquent essays.

And then there’s Bob Ross. 

Without further ado, here are our most-read stories of 2017:

10. Chicago-based Collectibles Startup Creepy Company Lives Up to Its Name
9. Marilyn Chin’s ‘The Survivor’
8. Rebellious Gift Guide 2017
7. Louboutins: Red Soles Not Beaten But Bruised
6. ConfeSHH! Sex Stories, Curiosities and Explorations
5. Tori Amos Brings Her Breathtakingly Beautiful Native Invader Tour To Chicago
4. Body Love: Fat Activist Virgie Tovar on How to Feel Better About Your Body TODAY
3. Live Review: P!nk’s ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Resonates with Chicago Fans
2. Feminist Bar Wenches at the Bristol Renaissance Faire? Why Not!
1. I Spent Two Months Trying to Buy a Bob Ross Painting Because Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

(Photo of P!nk by the amazing Laurie Fanelli)

Several of our fabulous Rebelles contributed to this piece.