happiest season

#10: Sunday in the Park with Masks: Chicagoans Adapt Their Outdoor Activities

wicker park farmers market parks roundup

#9: Just the Tip: Our Sex Drives Don’t Match!

Two female-appearing people in bed with mugs for a column on sex drives

#8: Dating During the Apocalypse

Rick and Michonne from Walking Dead sitting next to each other

#7: Mistakes I’ve Made with Cyber Intimacy And How I Learned to Protect My Heart

person lying on the ground next to a phone and a bouquet of pink flowers

#6: Chi-Town Comedy Chat: Ashley Leisten Finds Inspiration in Boy Bands, Lock-Ins & Collaborations

Ashley Leisten
Photo credit: Andrew Merz

#5: The Hideout and CIVL’s Katie Tuten Wants You to Help Save Independent Venues

The Hideout

#4: The 2020 Census Fails Nonbinary Folks, But It’s Important To Take Part Anyway

genderqueer nonbinary 2020 Census

#3: Asexual Erotics: Interview with Ela Przbylo

book cover for asexual erotics and image of author

#2: How to Be an Ally When You’re Exhausted and Overwhelmed

Femme looking person holding a sign saying 'No justice, no peace' for a piece about being an ally

#1: Three Gen X Lesbians Watched ‘Happiest Season,’ and We’re Not Happy About It

happiest season


Several of our fabulous Rebelles contributed to this piece.