Skinny Tan
I’m always craving a summer glow. All of my clothing looks better when I am kissed by the sun, but my dermatologist warns me about wearing sunscreen and making sure I protect my largest organ from the sun’s rays. Skinny Tan offers a fun alternative: Their products help you achieve a healthy bronzed glow without the harsh UV rays and, as an added bonus, reduce the appearance of cellulite. The company was founded by UK natives and mompreneurs Kate Cotton and Louise Ferguson.
I’m always a little bit of a skeptic about self-tanning products because I’ve tried my fair share of other brands and gotten streaks. With Skinny Tan – and any of the other products – I recommend starting with an area that is covered by some clothing to see how your body reacts to it. I had a light reaction with the 7 Day Tanner Natural. It gave my skin a light glow and worked. It stayed less than seven days because this is the time of year when I shower twice a day due to cycling in the morning and a gym visit mid-day.
Here are some Skinny Tan products to try for yourself: 

Day Tanner Natural, $39.95 
Instantly bronzes and then develops into a medium tan
Fades over 7 days with skin’s natural cell turnover
Gradual Tanner, $29.95
A body butter cream with a lower level of the active ingredients that can be layered on to the skin each day for a gradual tan
Tan & Tone Kit, $54.99
Kit includes a tan primer, exfoliator and 7 Day Tanner

Mitt, $9.95
Mitt ensures hands remain stain free during application
Skinny Tan products are available at


Eva Marie is a daughter of a hair stylist who from an early age was obsessed with fashion, colors and rubbing sample parfume scents from magazines all over her body. She is on the hunt to find the best...