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Have a book you want feminist erotica and romance lovers to be aware of? Let us help you spread the word! We’re offering a very cheap way to promote your project and support ours at the same time. Our “Book Report” sponsorship package includes:

  • A listing in our monthly newsletter which goes out to over 1200 people.
  • Mentions from Feminist Erotica and Rebellious Magazine’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts
  • A listing on rebelliousmagazine.com at the end of one of Feminist Erotica’s episode’s show notes.

Price of sponsorship package: $50
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Jera Brown writes about being a queer kinky polyamorous Christian on their blog scarletchurch.com. Their sex and relationship advice column, Just the Tip, is hosted by Rebellious Magazine. Follow them on Twitter or Instagram @thejerabrown.