quiz creator

You’re the game night hostess with the mostess, the master chef of party snacks and mistress of mixology. Now add a new title to your party resume: Quiz creator.

While game night is a great place to test your quiz-creation skills, keep in mind that quizzes are versatile. Personalized trivia contests can also set your next bridal shower, movie marathon or milestone birthday celebration apart.

Need some help getting started? We’ve got you. Here are five tips for using quizzes to take your next party to a new level.

Mine the News

A current events quiz keeps guests on their toes and separates who’s been paying attention to the news and who’s been busy watching cat videos (not that there’s anything wrong with that…).

Several national newspapers and at least one radio show have weekly trivia contests you can borrow ideas or questions from, and be sure to sprinkle in local questions, too.

Do: Make the questions increasingly more difficult.
Don’t: Include too many serious subjects if you want to keep the mood light.

Make it Personal

If you’re using a quiz for a shower or birthday party, test everyone’s knowledge of the happy couple or birthday girl with questions about how they met, possible baby names or her favorite color.

You can even include a small online quiz with the invitation and give a prize to the winner once they arrive.

Do: Enlist someone else’s help if you’re stumped.
Don’t: Get too personal. The goal is to have fun, not embarrass anyone.

Master Movie Night

Before you hit play at your next movie night or marathon, get the crowd ready with questions about the films. You can cover often-quoted lines, actors and actresses and behind-the-scenes fun facts.

Do: Focus on films everyone has already seen and enjoys watching together.
Don’t: Ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen the film or films. #NoSpoilers

Mix it Up

You want everyone to have a good time, so include questions that play to different people’s strengths. If you’re at a shower filled with family for the bride-to-be as well as her college friends, don’t just ask about her childhood or relatives.

If your guests include both super fans and non-sports watchers, don’t obsess over the big game or stats.

Do: Give everyone a chance to get some questions right.
Don’t: Talk about any one topic too much.

Have Fabulous Prizes

While partying with you is its own reward, we know, offering fun, sought-after or kitschy prizes will keep guests’ heads in the game. If you can’t find prizes you like, check local or online party shops for prize ribbons instead.

Do: Get creative.
Don’t: Break the bank. Small prizes from bargain bins will do the trick.


You’re five tips closer to securing the title of quiz master. Go forth and make great quizzes!