Thunder snow, 30-degree temperature swings and freak breaks of sunshine between what-just-happened eruptions of hail? Must be spring in Chicago.

Just in time for our most changeable season, we bring you this month’s theme, The Great Outdoors.

We introduce you to artist Louise LeBourgeois, whose large-scale oil-on-canvas works capture what the artist refers to as Lake Michigan’s “different moods.”

“When I started painting images of water and sky, I was interested in the potential visual complexity contained within a pretty simple framework: sky, water, horizon.”

We’ve also got a run-down of some of’s Chicago-area “outdoors and adventure” events that offer a little something for everyone, from backpackers to wannabe pilots.

Photographer Samantha Bailey takes us on a stroll through the Chicago Women’s Park and Gardens, a hidden historical gem tucked away in the Prairie District.

We’ll find out what makes K. Sujata, CEO of the Chicago Foundation for Women, Rebellious.

And you won’t want to miss Rachel Berg Scherer’s moving meditation on loss and motherhood.

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