Moxie panty vibe

Darling Nikki is back with a doozy of a review. We-Vibe, a popular sex toy manufacturer known for its successful “couples toys” recently launched its latest creation: Moxie, the “panty vibe.” Customers would frequently ask for panty vibes at Early to Bed, and staff always had to tell them that there were no panty vibes in existence (that we knew of) that were actually worth a damn. That is, until Moxie came along. 

Moxie is a small (3 in. x 1.25 in.) blue vibrator that sits between the labia and/or against the clitoris on the inside of your underwear. A magnet attaches on the outside of your underwear—a very strong magnet that I’m happy to report stays firmly in place. Moxie has a remote control for short distance use and an app that allows it to be controlled from anywhere in the world. 

Vibrations and Usability

For such a small toy, Moxie is actually pretty strong and rumbly (the vibrations can be felt deeper, rather than just surface-level buzzing). Moxie might not be strong enough for some people, and there’s also the question of how this type of vibe works for different body types. I’m too sensitive for super powerful vibrators, and Moxie happens to work really well with my body. I can nestle it against or between my labia and against my clitoris without it being uncomfortable for longer wear. I can’t guarantee that Moxie will be compatible with fuller vulvas or folx with “buried” clits. So if that’s you, it would probably be a great idea to actually see Moxie in person to judge for yourself (come fondle the tester at Early to Bed!). 

Using Moxie

If I had to guess, I’d say Moxie is most commonly used for partner play out in public. It’s date night, so you put Moxie in place, hand control over to your partner (more on this later!), and hit the town. I didn’t expect Moxie to make me come in public, and—spoiler alert!—it didn’t. But I got closer than I expected. I was just too worried about people noticing to really let go and let the sensation take over.

Thankfully there was no one in the booth behind me because I feel that if Moxie is on the highest setting, the vibrations might carry. Whether or not someone would actually notice, I’m not sure. The noise level of Moxie is really quiet—as it should be for discreet public play. I had fun wearing Moxie out and enjoyed my partner having full control. He turned Moxie up and down on me, on and off, randomly used the pre-programed pattern settings— just really had fun with it. (At one point, I excused myself to the restroom so we could see if the app still worked from a distance. Success!)

I think that in a crowded, loud restaurant on a weekend night (when lots of other people are probably on dates and maybe a little tipsy), I just might be able to come in public (as discreetly as possible because no one else consented to witnessing our sexy times). 

We also enjoyed using Moxie during partner sex at home! Putting Moxie in my underwear and grinding against my partner felt good for both us. (A lot of people with penises really like vibrators!) He controlled it with the app, but the remote might be a better choice in bed (unless you get turned on by your partner staring at their phone during sex, which, hey—you do you!). I came longer and harder than I expected using Moxie this way, which was a fun surprise. (In the end, Moxie didn’t get my partner off. For that, we had fun with the Fun Factory Manta, a vibrating penis toy that makes hand jobs super easy!) 

Moxie panty vibe handheld

My favorite way to use Moxie, though, just might be masturbation. The first time I used it, I put it in my undies, sat on my couch with some porn, and controlled it with the app. It was really easy to come—the vibrations themselves were enough, but rocking back and forth pushed me over the edge. Other than the app control, it’s a totally hands-free way to play by yourself. This is masturbation at its laziest, and I am a FAN. 

There are countless ways to use Moxie, and I look forward to trying many more. (It’d be super fun to incorporate into a BDSM scene!)


Remote and App

It’s worth noting that the first Moxie I received had a defective remote. There was a short, and it wouldn’t pair with the device (though it did still work with the app, so it wasn’t a total fail). I was given a second Moxie with a new remote, and it paired perfectly. The remote is small and has four buttons. Two control the patterns and two control intensity. The buttons click pretty loudly when you press them, so I wouldn’t recommend using it for public play.

As for the app, We-Connect is compatible with several of We-Vibe’s toys. You only need to download it once and create an account, and if you have any of the compatible toys, you can pair them all to We-Connect (one at a time). To let someone else control the toy, you invite them from your phone once you’ve paired the toy yourself. You can send an invite via email or text, and if they accept the invitation, you’ll confirm on your app that you want to give them control. You can take control back at any time from your own phone. The app works via Bluetooth. When you invite a partner to take control, their phone is then connected to yours. If your Bluetooth connection drops, your partner will lose access, too. 

We-Connect lets you control Moxie by turning the vibrations up and down, whether you are on the vibration mode or one of the several built-in patterns (You can even make and save your own patterns!). Some people love patterns, a lot of people don’t (I’m one of them.). However, when I’m out in public using Moxie (or just starting to get warmed up), I actually really enjoy some of them.

One slightly annoying thing about the app is that you have to go through the invitation process every time you want to connect with a partner (even the same partner). I totally get why—consent is mandatory! But I do wish there was an option for keeping previously connected partners in the app’s history so you don’t need to go through this process every time. 

Like any app, it can be a little finicky. Sometimes it says it’s paired with the Moxie, but when you go to control it on your phone, nothing happens. This means you need to re-pair it, which can sometimes mean completely closing out of the app, going back in, and trying again. I’ve never not been able to pair the Moxie with my phone—sometimes it just takes a couple tries. Pro-tip: If you’re going to wear it out in public, get it set up at home before you leave! Also make sure to change the “idle app” setting. The default is that after 10 minutes idle, the connection between the toy and the app drops. You can change this so the app can be idle for up to 90 minutes before turning off. Just make sure you’ve got a full charge before you go out!

There is one other thing I want to point out about the app that I really, really appreciate. There is a setting you can adjust in the app called “intensity.” It explains, “the overall intensity of your device can be adjusted. By lowering the intensity slider down, you can limit the maximum vibration strength of your device.” I usually can’t handle super strong vibrations and love that I can put a limit on the power level of the vibrator. On particularly sensitive days, I can slide it down so Moxie’s vibrations aren’t too strong for me. This is great for making Moxie accessible to people with more sensitive genitals. 

If you are someone who loves or needs high-powered vibes, Moxie can still be a great addition to your toy bag. Just because a vibe can’t make you come doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun to play with!

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, Moxie will likely not work with everyone’ s body. The app isn’t perfect, but We-Vibe consistently updates it, and a few things that weren’t working when I first paired Moxie with it were fixed in the app update a week or so later. At $129, if Moxie does work with your body type, I think it’s totally worth the high price tag. It can be enjoyed alone, during partner sex, or even a thousand miles away from a partner. And like I said, Moxie allows for lazy masturbation at its finest. 

Columnist’s full disclosure: I wouldn’t be able to provide quite as many reviews without the occasional generosity of manufacturers and retailers whose missions I can get behind [insert obligatory sex joke here]. However, my reviews are always honest and unbiased.

This month I’d like to thank Early to Bed for providing the Moxie for review. 

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