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I’m not suggesting that Tide Spin saved my marriage – or my husband’s life – but let’s just say it helped.

Marriage is tough under the best circumstances. I left those circumstances behind about eight months ago. Since then, it has been a seemingly insurmountable challenge akin to climbing Mount Everest while eight months pregnant. Did I mention I was eight months pregnant? That I have a 5-lb human just chillin’ inside my body, feasting off my life force like an adorable parasite? That I have a 35-lb toddler on the outside of my body, as well?

Regardless of how many humans you have attached to your person on a daily basis, I hope you can use these tips I’ve devised for sanity across the board.

  • Pay someone else to take care of the emotional (and laundry-related) labor. Tired of having the 100th fight with your partner about whose turn it is to do the laundry? Get someone else to do it! I was delighted to discover that Tide Spin has door-to-door laundry service that could not be easier to use. Those massive piles of laundry in my basement disappeared overnight, and a kind-hearted Tide Spin delivery driver brought them back to me 48 hours later, all fresh-smelling and folded tight! It was heavenly. Special bonus treat for our Rebellious readers: New customers can use the code TSC2 at checkout for 25% off your first order!
  • Spend some time alone. Self care might be a controversial buzzword at the moment, but we can all benefit from simply taking a break from life from time to time. Get out of your house (or kick everyone else out!) and just be. Alone. Go to a movie and hide in the dark for a few hours. Then sneak into another movie without buying a ticket. Take a butter-and-salt-induced nap. You will feel refreshed.
  • Get some cookies. Or whatever. Indulge (safely) in a vice or two. Binge watch 90210 (the original!) for an entire weekend. Read the 50 Shades series again (and don’t tell anyone you’re doing it because that stuff is delicious garbage.) Indulge in all the literal or figurative junk food you want. If Girl Scout cookies are your vice of choice, I’ve got your back. Download the Cookie Finder app, and never be without your Samoas again. (There’s a life hack for you!)

In the end, I suggest giving your partner a giant hug and planting a big ol’ smooch on their face as soon as you’re done with your solo adventure. Thank them for being them and for putting up with you. And then tell them it’s their turn to put away the laundry.

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Image courtesy of Erica Kohagizawa