I’m not even gonna lie: I’m a business travel novice.

I didn’t travel all that much for my old job, and I usually made all the classic rookie mistakes: over-packing, wearing non slip-on shoes in the security line and forgetting something important. Like underwear. This new gig will have me traveling all over the country, to places big and small, urban and suburban.

I love to travel, but I’m well aware that someday, perhaps soon, the novelty of traipsing in and out of O’Hare and Midway every week will wear off in a big way. Until that happens, I’m blissfully naive enough to see this as a big, high-flyin’ adventure.

My first stop is a week of training in Dallas. And no, I’m not gonna bring you back any cowboy boots. A belt buckle, maybe. A “Don’t Mess With Texas” coozie, more than likely.

As I’ve been telling people what I’ve gotten myself into, I’ve been getting tons of advice. And I could use a ton more.

So, Rebellious Readers, what travel tips have you got for me?

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Takin’ this Rebellion on the road,


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