Photo by Tessa Loeffle

It’s a new year, so that means it’s time for new music.

Scrunchies – a Minneapolis-based punk rock supergroup featuring Laura Larson (Kitten Forever), Bree Meyer (Double Grave), Danielle Cusack (Bruise Violet, Tony Peachka) and Stephanie Jo Murck (Sass, Tony Peachka) – have released a colorfully mutinous new video for “Wichita,” the lead single off the band’s unreleased album “Stunner.” The Gordon Byrd directed clip features a defiant Larson and company summoning the powers of pleasing melodies and fuzzy guitars to bewitch all within earshot.

Larson was inspired to form Scrunchies as a way to channel post-election feelings of despondency and anxiety into a creative force for change and rebellion towards the “oppressive political climate and how it feeds into a toxic culture of racism and misogyny.”

“We wanted this project to be loud and aggressive and guitar-driven but also melodic and intimate,” she said in a statement.

Photo by Tessa Loeffle

Meyer, Murck, and Cusack – the latter of whom Larson previously collaborated with in the Buzzcocks cover band, Buzzcunts, on Halloween – compliment each other’s musicality and menace with ease as the video for “Wichita” finds them reveling in spells of sisterhood. Conceptually the video is loosely based on the idea of if teenage girls in the 80s heard about witchcraft before the internet and interpreted it in their own way, without having resources like the internet or even books to rely on to create their magic,” explained Larson. “It’s about finding and manifesting your own power individually and with other women on your own terms.”

Check out the premiere of “Wichita” below and follow Scrunchies on Facebook to stay up to date with their latest news and tour dates.

(Photos by Tessa Loeffle)

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