In her spot-on parody, “How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Donald,” Rebellious Val closes with the words “vote like democracy depends on it.” And I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Vote even if, like Uppity-Negro columnist Princess McDowell, you do so wearing a scowl.

Vote as if people fought for your right to do so. Because, well, they did. And for some of us, the struggle continues.

In honor of Election Day, we’re reposting our political coverage greatest hits, including Molly Harris’ spot-on satire, “I Am the Personification of a Hate Crime, and I’m Voting for Donald Trump.”

We’ve also got some new political stories: If you’re as baffled by those Illinois ballot measures as the rest of us, don’t miss Amy Cobb’s singular take. Clare Curley offers an insightful look at the often-overlooked issue of early childhood education in “Hillary Clinton Has a Great Education Idea, Provided it Targets the Right People.” And Jessica Campbell has an open letter to the Trump supporters down the street from her, asking, “Would you like to be the ones to explain to my five-year-old what the word “bitch” means?”

For a break from the never-ending election season, Feminist Parenting columnist Rachel Berg Scherer is back with a much-needed pedi with her 4-year-old son.

Also, stay tuned for the Rebellious Gift Guide, coming later this month!

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