block trump

You’ve blocked updates from your 45-lovin’ druncle and gaggle of news junkie friends, but beyond that, what else can you do to block Trump from your Facebook feed – and more – once and for all? We’ve found some solid options. Happy browsing!

Make America Kittens Again Chrome Extension

block trump with kittensMy personal favorite, this extension for the Google Chrome browser replaces photos of 45 with kittens. And not just any photos but pics that correspond as closely as possible to the subject of the story. Genius. And KITTENS!

As an added bonus, you can also choose to block Soon-to-be-President Mike Pence, Steve Bannon, as well as right-wing politicians in other countries. I’ve also seen it replace photos of Paul Ryan. More, please.

Trump Filter

block trump chrome extensionAnother Chrome extension, this one promises that “Donald simply disappears from your view of every web page.” This one works realllllly well, erasing, for instance, the entire news section of the New York Times as former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee. A Google search for Trump rendered a blank page (right).

If online 45 obliteration is your goal, this should be your go-to. Goodbye, long national nightmare. Hello, sweet oblivion.

Remove Donald Trump from Facebook

This Chrome extension promises to remove posts on Facebook that mention “Trump.” According to the description: “A post must contain the text string “trump” in order for the post to be removed. If the post only mentions “Donald”, “President”, or god forbid, only shows his picture, the post will remain.”

Full disclosure: I haven’t tested this Chrome extension because, well: news junkie.

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