Andrea Wise

Feeling healthy, eating right and working out more were probably a few of the New Year’s resolutions we all made on Dec. 31, 2016. Sadly, my resolutions lasted a total of five days. I’ve turned to Andrea Wise, who is a fitness and nutrition expert focused on helping individuals create and sustain healthy habits. An avid problem solver, she works with her clients to tailor the best routines to increase the chances of a successful outcome.

I asked Andrea a few questions to learn more about her services.

If someone doesn’t identify themselves as a “gym rat,” how do you encourage them to work out?
I think it’s safe to say that none of my clients have ever been the “gym rat.” Most of my clients are super busy traveling for work, trying to balance family time and having some free time for themselves. I encourage “work out” time by customizing what will be most efficient and effective for their specific schedule. Everyone is unique and needs something a little different from the next person. We focus a lot on what they are putting into their body, their stress levels and getting enough rest/recovery.

What do you offer your clients beyond personal training?
In addition to training, nutrition and stress management are two major topics that I cover. I do some fashion/shopping assistance as well – my clients trust my opinion and love that I just handle things for them. I’ve also done crazy things like art installations and trained house managers. The list of things I do for my clients is a little out of the ordinary.

How do you work with your clients? Is it a weekly commitment? Twice a week?
Most clients make a multiple-month commitment. We are focusing on changing their lifestyle and their behaviors –  that is something that takes time. My clients and I have open lines of communication whether they’re traveling or in town. If they’re in town, I see them more, if they are on the road, they get travel programs, food guidance, whatever they need.

What is an important detail to live a healthy lifestyle?
Consistency. Putting in work consistently and making daily efforts will get you to your goal. Twenty minutes one day, an hour the next, making healthy food choices – it all adds up.

To schedule a personal consultation and learn more about Andrea’s fee schedule, contact her at

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