X Angela Wang

What Makes Angela Wang Rebellious?

She always challenges the status quo. She is not concerned with what people tell her to do and adamantly refuses to be the kind of woman the world wants her to be. She radically accepts herself knowing that strength is not derived from being acceptable by others, but acceptance for yourself. Be yourself. The only person who can define who you are is yourself. Her coaching company Wekaw teaches people how to love themselves and take responsibility for your own life and make yourself happy. She helps people reach their life goals and achieve sustainable changes to live a better life.

Her fashion brand, X • Angela Wang is founded on the belief of empowering women to be true to themselves. It’s a lifestyle brand that expresses a woman’s inner beauty and powerful self. Each garment in her collection has a unique self-affirmation message in their tags, such as “dare to be different,” “confidence is sexy,” “write your own story,” etc. She has designed an innovative and feminine collection for the modern woman, “our clothes embody strength, resilience, beauty and balance, and we offer our clients effortless and versatile silhouettes that tell a distinctive and ever-evolving story,” states Angela Wang.

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Several of our fabulous Rebelles contributed to this piece.