You Are Beautiful

Since 2002, more than three million “You are Beautiful” stickers have been shared in 100 languages, and the campaign has grown to include permanent installations in cities throughout the world. Now, the goal is to have an installation in all 50 states. A current Kickstarter project is looking to raise $25,000 to mass-produce a set of installations that will be given for free to one community group in each state.

Matthew Hoffman, creator of the You Are Beautiful campaign, believes that the message is more important now than ever.

“To me, this project isn’t a hippish or silly message – this is a protest against negativity. I feel we need to be reminded of positivity every day (sometimes several times a day). And while it won’t change the entire world—this message has the power to change someone’s world.”

You Are Beautiful-Roma
“From Rome, with love”

The message changed–and continues to change—Hoffman’s life. From the simple reminder, to the outpouring of responses he has received over the years.

“We’ve received piles and piles of letters, saying how someone came across a sticker, experienced something in that moment – and now want a fist full of stickers to do the same, and give others that same type of feeling. We hope to do the same with our installations now!”

You Are Beautiful love letters
The You Are Beautiful campaign receives ‘piles and piles’ of love letters

Rewards for the Kickstarter start with $6 donations, and supporters will receive an exclusive 2017 You are Beautiful black sticker, 10 classic stickers and their name on the website.

I recommend the $25 donation level, because the campaign’s custom You are Beautiful T-shirt is pretty kickass. When I was writing this article, over $14,600 had been collected, with just over $10,000 needed to meet their goal by July 20. Consider supporting this project and help spread a simple positive message throughout the country.

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