Of Course I'm Not OK

Of Course I'm Not OK

Join Karen & Katie for a LIVE taping (on Zoom) of the podcast and bring your favorite drink! We will open the floor to questions & comments!

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Do you like hanging out with super cool people on Zoom and maybe kicking back a few of your favorite refreshments?

Are you looking for something fun to do on a Tuesday night in July?

Do you like to celebrate major milestones?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU!

Karen & Katie are celebrating one year of doing their podcast Of Course I’m Not OK with a LIVE taping of the show on Zoom and YOU ARE INVITED!

Proceeds from the $25 per household tickets will go to the Feminist Media Foundation, publisher of Karen’s incredible Rebellious Magazine For Women (the backer of the podcast). The event will last exactly 61 minutes (the amount of time where Karen & Katie start to glaze over on Zoom), and will be sure to be filled with laughs and exciting moments for all who attend.

Refreshments are encouraged – and don’t worry, participation is completely optional. Come join us either way!

Time: 7 p.m. CT
Date: Tuesday, July 27
Place: Zooooom

Click here to get your tickets!

And thanks!

Photo by Jackie Hope on Unsplash