Hillary Clinton from the 2016 election

“And, of course, they [Republicans] hate Hillary. Why she has this effect on some straight white males is beyond me. Some defect in them, I expect.” –Aaron Hawkins

if Donald Trump wins the presidency, it will have nothing to do with the American people.

sure, there are plenty of xenophobic and incredibly racist citizens who will vote for him against their better judgment. but if we have to watch Donald Trump’s tumbleweave blow as he’s sworn in, you won’t be able to convince me that the election wasn’t rigged or bought or stole for him.

I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time.

let’s be clear, there are Republicans who HATE him. and I’m not just counting the ones who ran against him (shout out to The Washington Post for this handy list). but, a Republican president is a Republican president. I’d guess that it works the same way with other positions white people extend amongst each other, i.e. a shrug and a renewed resolve to just keep it pushin’. outside of Trump possibly bringing disgrace to the party in theory, he’ll be loved once he gets into office because, well, he got into office.

the humane thing for Republicans to do would be to throw their support behind the Democratic nominee for president, but HA. I’m gonna go with ‘that ain’t happenin’. there are enough Democrats hesitant to do that. you know voting spirits are broken when a self-defeating version of Hillary Clinton’s campaign hashtag starts trending after she won the nomination. #IGuessImWithHer is what you say when your homegirl embarrasses you in public for the fourth time this week, but y’all been friends since childhood so you just rock wit it.

I don’t know if that’s why Shonda Rhimes has basically baptized herself in the gospel of Clinton. I cannot unsee Hillary from Mellie Grant’s privileged, ‘It’s my turn!’ Scandal storyline. Plus, Rhimes has her entire TGIT lineup endorsing Clinton. I cry a little every time Kerry and/or Viola says that damn slogan into a camera. They may be for her, but Hilary is not for us, that’s for sure.

from John Sanbonmatsu at The Huffington Post:

“Liberals, beware: casting a vote for Clinton is to affirm militarism, economic inequality, and Wall Street. It is to vote for the ecological meltdown of our planet, duplicity in government, the control of our institutions by the rich, drone strikes, government surveillance of the people, and perpetual war. It is to cast a ballot against the interests of the working poor, and for the interests of Goldman Sachs and Big Pharma.”

in summation, this is a no-win, no-win. goddamn.

(Photo credit: By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=49467833)

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