This is not the message I want to be writing.

This is not the triumphant, We Can Do It, glass ceiling: shattered note that was bouncing around my head. I hadn’t even written a draft of this note. Because there was no f*cking way this was going to happen. But it has happened.

Instead of happily typing away with coffee in hand inspired by the warm glow of herstory, I’m standing at my kitchen counter at 4 a.m. with tears running down my face and a heavy, heavy heart. I’m also wondering if it’s too late/early to start drinking.

If you’re anything like me, it doesn’t just feel like Hillary Clinton lost the election. It feels like someone died. And as melodramatic as that may sound, the grief we feel is real.

If you do nothing else today, please give yourself time to mourn. Mourn for the hopes you had for the next eight years. Mourn that the country you live in, the country you love, just elected That Man as president. Mourn that we, right now, are living on the wrong side of history.

Do something you love today. Tell the people in your life that you love them. Listen to songs that you love. Read quotes and books and writers that you love. Fill your day with grief and with joy.

Because Hillary isn’t dead. She was right. Love Trumps Hate.

In Rebellion, in Solidarity, With Love,

Karen Hawkins is the Founder and Rebelle in Chief of Rebellious Magazine. She is a recovering mainstream media reporter and editor who wants to thank her former boss for naming the online magazine she's...

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