rebellious magazine's most-read stories of 2018

This list of our most-read stories of 2018 tells its own story about Rebellious Magazine readers, and we love y’all for it.

If the traffic tracking at Google Analytics is to be believed, you most appreciate our coverage of the things we’ve all been raised not to discuss in polite conversation โ€“ sex, politics and suicide โ€“ as well as our writing on great food and amazing music.

It’s good to know that our readers count on us for the coverage we’re most proud of, namely starting and continuing the discussions that are the hardest to have. Thank you for another year of locally owned, independent feminist media. See you in 2019, Rebelles! โ€”Chief Rebelle Karen Hawkins

10. Photos & Review: Belly flies high at Chicago’s Vic Theatre
9. Women & Children Firstโ€™s Bestseller Lists for 2018
8. Running & Delicious List of Women-Owned Restaurants in Chicago
7. Guide to Reclaiming Pleasurable Sex: Dyspareunia & Beyond
6. Maria Hadden on Participatory Budgeting, Rogers Park and Her Historic Run for Chicago Alderman
5. Trigger Warning: Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Survivor Guilt
4. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Finding Sex Toys that Work for Me
3. Video Premiere: Scrunchies Share Fiery Guitar Banger ‘Wichita’
2. Chicago-area Women Running for Office in 2018
1. Versatile Sex Toys for Pelvic Pain

Several of our fabulous Rebelles contributed to this piece.