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Don’t Marry Her!

Dear Vered, When my good friend started dating a new lady, I was immediately put off by how standoffish and wrong for my friend she was, but I wasn’t worried because I figured she was a fling. My friend is an amazing person, and I figured she was just testing the dating waters with this […]

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Confession: I, in the presence of a man, called another woman a bitch the other day. I didn’t say it to her face, and he certainly isn’t going to tell her I said it, but I’m having mixed feelings about it. As the feminist editor of this-here feminist magazine, it feels wrong to use the […]

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My baby’s poop made me cry

Oh, milestones. You know, the first time your baby rolls over. The first smile, first laugh.   Their first solid poop.  That’s the one that got me. Hit me right in the gut. I flushed his little turd down the toilet and cried.  I want Teddy to grow up, to become more independent. I don’t want […]

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Cat Power’s ‘Sun’ a beautiful wreck

Cat Power—Sun (Matador) I have seen Cat Power—Chan Marshall—each and every opportunity I get, and every time, she’s a complete mess. Guitar strings break.  She begins songs and stops midstream to start again maybe five to six times. Her voice wobbles and breaks. The natives get restless, and I feel an overwhelming sense of humiliation […]