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At first I couldn’t say exactly what it was… but something bugged me when I read this. Was it that the author wrote, “hear this well, parents” as though we were otherwise prone to sudden and uncontrollable illiteracy?  Was it the way she slyly emphasized her superior perspective on another parent/child relationship when she wrote, “It took me less […]

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From Lois Lane to Elle Woods

Greetings from the Lonestar State! I saw my first-ever longhorn steer this morning across the street from my hotel. Oh, Texas. After being hazed by O’Hare with a 4-hour flight delay on the way here, I got in at 2 a.m. Monday. Despite the sleep deprivation, things went relatively well until sometime about 11 a.m., when my new […]

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The Feral Child Playground

I have a confession to make.  Part of my ideal mothering world involves not interacting too much with my kid on the playground. Now, before you accuse me of being a fun-hating monster (false), or just a jerk who wants to enjoy a latte in peace on a bench (true), hear me out. Since soon […]

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The Improvisational Parent

Well hello there! Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Liz and I’m making it up as I go. To a certain extent, I think we’ll all admit that this is true of ourselves. But this truth — that we’re basically just winging it — becomes especially pronounced when we become parents. And by “truth” […]

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The Tyranny of the Perfect Birth

I was sitting across from her at the table with my 2-week-old in my lap when I heard the question. “So, did you have a natural birth?” It was one of those moments in conversations where you’re supposed to reply quickly – no room for qualifiers, explanations or sentences starting with “Well…” Except I didn’t […]

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CAASE Founder Rachel Durchslag on Transforming Chicago’s Response to Sexual Exploitation

Rachel Durchslag founded the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE) in 2006 to change the way the city responds to sexual exploitation through education, advocating for victims and decreasing demand. Six years later, CAASE is transforming Chicago’s response to prostitution, sex trafficking and sexual assault. To learn more, go to JV: Why do you do what […]